Stretching: Protect Your Body, Boost Your Performance

Do you know when you need to utilize a dynamic warmup routine and when to do static stretching? Many people don’t and there are still many coaches that don’t either! Each type of stretching has its place in any exercise session and you need to know the difference. Knowing the difference will not only keep… [Continue Reading]


The Science of Fatigue

Fatigue, What is it? We’ve all been there at the end of a workout where we gave our all, feeling like there’s nothing left in the tank. Unable to continue because our body is so fatigued. Fatigue refers to the inability to maintain exercise at a certain intensity level. Intensity level along with the duration, personal… [Continue Reading]


Water vs. Sports Drinks: What you need to know

If you read my article on sweating you know why replacing fluids lost during exercise is so important. But before we consume any fluids we are confronted with a choice: do we choose the cool, colorful sports drink packed full of electrolytes, carbohydrates, and sugars or the old fashion bottle of water? To exercise at your full… [Continue Reading]

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How to Target Specific Muscle Fibers

Did you know there are nearly 650 skeletal muscles in the human body? They’re all different sizes, shapes, and functions but every one of them is made up of the same three muscle fibers. You may be familiar with “Fast Twitch” and “Slow Twitch” muscles but that really refers to the muscle fiber type the… [Continue Reading]

Muscle Fiber