Why Runners Need to Strength Train

Strength training is just as important for runners as it is for athletes competing in other sports. Adding a strength training program to your regular running routine can help improve performance and decrease your risk for certain types of running related injuries. Unfortunately not enough runners add strength training to their training programs until they… [Continue Reading]


3 Common Overuse Injuries In Runners

Whether you are new to running, or if you consider yourself a running veteran, you likely have encountered some sort of nagging pain associated with your training. Some of these injuries may have been easy to run through, while others may have required you to seek treatment from a physical therapist, physician, or other healthcare… [Continue Reading]

Running - shoes

Thank you Night Riders!

On Saturday July 5th scores of athletes, individuals and relay teams alike, lit up the dark with glow sticks and flashlights for the inaugural Night Ride Tri.  The race started with swimming in the Triangle Aquatic Center’s olympic and program pools and then cycling and running around Cary Towne Center with the big finish back… [Continue Reading]

NRT - glow rack

Team Fit & Able Assemble!

In 1998, Fit & Able was founded as a Triathlon-focused fitness organization offering training programs, camps, and competitive events through the Cary Family YMCA.  Initially, these programs were offered just to youth athletes but when parents saw how much fun their kids were having they wanted to join too.  From these first fit families Team… [Continue Reading]